Yearnote 2014

Here’s what I did in 2014.

Working and studying

In spring, I concentrated on my work as a software developer. Then I decided to finally graduate from the university and asked my employer for study leave from September till April. In summer, I worked even more to save up some money for studying. In autumn, I studied more than ever. That brought me over 55 course credits (the usual rate is about 30 per semester). I’m happy I finally found success with studies - my earlier semesters have been much slower.

Travel and events

Stuff made by me

Best of

Here are some things I was impressed by in 2014:

  • Best album: Merelle by Pikku Kukka
  • Best back-up software: Arq
  • Best coffee shop: Freese Coffee Co.
  • Best low-alcohol beer: BrewDog’s Nanny State
  • Best month of abstinence: hevoseton helmikuu
  • Best performance art: Court of Helburg by Kimmo Modig
  • Best restaurant lunch: mac’n’cheese in Juuri
  • Best wine: Mouth Bomb by Winepunk

Not awarded: best movie, best book, best hamburger. I didn’t read enough good books, watch enough good films or eat good hamburgers.

Plans for 2015

This year I hope to work a bit less than last year, and to have more time to make interesting stuff. Some plans I have for this year:

  • Graduate as a Bachelor of Science.
  • Have a summer vacation that is at least two weeks long in one go.
  • See a wild hedgehog. (I live in one of the most urban spots of Finland…)
  • Read Infinite Jest.

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