about this site

quanttype is a weblog about software engineering and other topics, by Miikka Koskinen. I live in Helsinki, Finland. I work as a software developer and hold a degree in mathematics. Other stuff I’m interested in includes photography, books, and outdoors life. These are also the topics covered by this blog.

If you want to reach me, you can tweet to me or send an e-mail to. For more ways to contact, see my home page.

I’ve been writing this site since 2013. Usually I’m writing down my thoughts on the stuff I’ve been doing or thinking about. Sometimes I offer tips on using UNIX shells or doing your laundry. You can find all the posts in the archive.

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I also aim to illustrate every post with a photo. All Finns claim to be inspired by the nature in Finland. I can’t deny it. Here’s a photo of the nature, for the reference:

A juniper covered in snow, with a birch in the background.