Joylent mini-review

A glass of chocolate-flavored Joylent.

A year ago I reviewed Ambronite. Now I’m back with Joylent. Like Ambronite and Soylent, it’s a nutritional powder. A friend gave me a bag, so let me offer you a mini-review.

I got the chocolate-flavored Joylent, but it’s also available in strawberry, vanilla and banana flavor. Friends in the know tell me that chocolate is the best one, though. What it actually tastes like is artifically-sweet bland choco milk.

Like Ambronite, it has the astringent taste of banana peels (i.e. it contains tannins). Ambronite’s astringency might come from nutritional yeast, but about Joylent I don’t know. I asked around, but almost nobody complained about astringency in Joylent. I’m starting to suspect that I have some genetic predisposition for tasting bitterness!

How about the mouthfeel, then? Joylent is powdery and mixes very well with water. Unlike Ambronite, it does not have almost any texture. It’s like drinking thick milk. This gives it a less wholesome feel. Nevertheless I felt satiated after drinking a portion.

To be honest, I liked Ambronite more. I’d go with the exquisite (and bitter) sawdust instead of the bland (and bitter) choco milk.

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