Yearnote 2019

The barren scenery of frozen Lake Puurijärvi.

New year, new shenanigans, as we say in Finland. A new decade! 1 I, on the other hand, am back to my bullshit. Please allow me to talk about me in the year 2019.

It was a difficult year for me, but I don’t want to delve on that too much. Instead, let’s focus on the good stuff.


I continued to work as a software developer. In autumn, I started to work for a new client. This is my first time working for a big (in the Finnish scale) tech organization. Finally I get to see in action all the big organization dynamics that I’ve only read and heard about.

Working in a big organization is much more performative than in a small one. It’s not enough to do work – the others must also know that you’ve done it.


Year ago I wrote that I want to level up my thoughtleadering game. I did succeed, in a small way!

These two experiences made me realize that I prefer blogging to public speaking, both as a writer/speaker and as a reader/listener. Accordingly, I gave up on my public speaking plans and started blogging regularly.

I attended three Clojure conferences in 2019: :clojureD, Heart of Clojure, and ClojuTRE. Heart of Clojure was especially good, but all of them were a pleasure.

I don’t think I will attend as many conferences in 2020, but I hope to get a chance to meet up again with at least some the cool people I’ve gotten to know from the Clojure community.

A tray with two cups of amazake and a plate of plum-sized konjac balls.
The most distressing thing I ate in 2019: this combo of amazake and konjac balls.


In April, I travelled to Japan for three weeks. I loved to hike up the mountains in Hakone and in Yakushima and to eat dorayakis at every occassion. This was my first time in Japan, but I do get it now why so many people here in Finland love the country. It’s such a foreign place, yet so easy to travel in.

In October, I hiked Karhunkierros. It was my first solo hike and it left me wanting more. I don’t have many plans for 2020, but doing another long hike is one of them.

Traditional commentary on Finnish politics

I can’t believe that Antti Rinne’s cabinet already fell apart. I hope that Sanna Marin will have a better run.

  1. As a mathematician, I assert that the 20s begin in the year 2020. ↩︎

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