Enjoying the silence

A coffee dripper on top of a Nalgene bottle on a bench outdoors.
I brewed some coffee while on the go.

Last year, Finland closed down the week I had my winter vacation. This year, the government was debating movement restrictions. Since COVID-19 broke out in Finland, I’ve thought so many times that “surely this will be over by date X” just to see the date X to come and go. I’m not going to speculate about the unprecedented restrictions we’re going to see on my winter vacation the next year.

I spent a night at Liesj√§rvi. My mom said that it must have been nice to enjoy the silence in the nature. To which I say: I don’t know about that.

I was camping next to a lake and I was alone, except for the (quiet) mouse that wanted to inspect my backpack to see if there’s anything edible.

But still, somebody was camping on the other side of the lake and they chopped firewood. During the night, there were cranes calling. In the morning chickadees were singing and during the day woodpeckers pecked the wood. The lake was frozen and the ice was creaking, booming, and banging.

So much for the silence.

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