Looking good in a suit

A white horse standing in a meadow. There are a lot of rocks in the background.

What have you been wearing during COVID-19?

For me, the strong isolation measures meant that I started working remotely. I wasn’t meeting people and this changed how I dressed. Instead of my normal office clothes - sweaters and chinos - I would dress in athleisure. Basically I looked all the time like I was on my way to a yoga session or a hike.

Recently, however, I’ve had the chance to wear a suit. We’ve celebrated some big events in friends’ lives.

Picking the right clothes was a bit of problem. I have this early 2000s (almost vintage!) grey suit that I really like. It has Prince of Wales check and wide legs. Unfortunately the fit is not perfect: it bunches slightly it the neck.

I’ve have these three commandments for looking good in clothes:

  1. The clothes should be clean and not damaged.
  2. The clothes should fit you well.
  3. The clothes should exhibit good taste.

The earlier commandments are more important than the later ones. No matter how fancy clothes, they won’t look good on you if they’re of wrong size or stained.

I nevertheless ended up choosing the grey suit, because between it and the black suit that does not meet the first commandment, it was the better choice…

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