Helsinki Haskell User Group

Oleg explaining Servant at Wunderdog in the January 2016 meetup.

I want to remind all the programmers in Helsinki about the existence of Helsinki Haskell User Group a.k.a. HaskHEL. The group has been meeting since 2014 and lately it has been very active, meeting once per month. Big thanks to the organizers, especially Oleg, and the companies that have hosted us for making this happen.

The current pattern is to have presentations every other month and a pub meetup every other. The presentations topics have included things like interesting libraries, finger trees, and the history of functional programming (presented by yours truly!). You do not have to be a Haskell expert to attend - usually at least one of the talks has been geared towards beginners.

The best place to hear about the next meeting is the meetup page, but there’s also a Twitter account @HaskHEL and an IRC channel #haskhel on Freenode. January meetup was today, so the next meetup will be in February. It will be a pub meetup.

I know that the organizers are always looking for new presentations and companies interested in hosting the meetup, so if you have either of those, please let them know. You can contact them through the meetup page (or contact me and I’ll put you in touch).

Personally I’d like to hear about any kind experiences of using Haskell in real-world projects. Note that the presentations do not have to be about Haskell, as long as they’re interesting for Haskell users - for example, I bet many Haskellers would like to hear about Elm.

So - if you’re in Helsinki and interested in functional programming, see you at HaskHEL? Oh, and the word on the street is that the next Clojure Finland meetup is in the works as well. See you there as well.

Comments or questions? Send me an e-mail.